11/21 Camp Here & There Animation Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered this contest. Picking just six videos to spotlight was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do as a creative team. Every single submission overwhelmed us with the knowledge that our art has reached other people and become something it never could have been without their participation. No matter what position you were chosen for, please know that you, personally and individually, have our immense gratitude and admiration.

In first place…

Tropia with Pink Elephants on Parade | Camp Here & There AMV Entry https://youtu.be/w5gyPnp53J8 

Mayfield: When I first watched this I couldn’t stop watching for a few days. It was amazing to me the way you combined all the concepts of the show to make something so visually creative, well colored, and with entertaining movement. Camp Here & There is all about surrealism and the way those surrealist visuals make you feel, and you captured that in spades.

Belov: You’ve got a lot of fantastic, unique ideas here, and you express them in really interesting and appealing ways. You employ these ambitious, dynamic shots and angles to great, compelling effect; and you manage to find a narrative in this assortment of relatively disparate images and sounds, creating this satisfying sense of build-and-release with the suspenseful beginning and the grandiose finish. Mayfield and I were both blown away by your skill with visual storytelling. Also, I really like your facial expressions. They’re understated yet expressive in a way that really resonates with me.

In second place… 

Peachypants with Pink Elephants on Parade|Camp Here & There Animation| https://youtu.be/9g7fZHbCeOo 

Mayfield: Wow! I love the head-shifting in this piece! It reminds me of animations I used to watch as a kid on Sudomemo, so I have some real emotional nostalgia for your creative decisions. I especially love the beginning vibe you created with the dark room, it makes the jump at Elijah’s face all the more impactful.

Belov: The first time I watched this video, I was immediately struck by your use of color, which establishes and maintains a darkly nostalgic atmosphere that hooked me before I even really knew what I was seeing. The next thing I noticed was that the motions, especially the more abstract visuals, align with the music in a viscerally satisfying way, expressing the feel of the sound very effectively. And when I really focused on your work to figure out what was going on, I started to notice the expressions and motions of the characters, which are very expressive and believable in a way which invites empathy from the viewer, and which demonstrates skill and attention.

In third place… 

Tibby Caps with Camp Here & There Animation – Pink Elephants on Parade https://youtu.be/Uz_iXmNRvfQ 

Mayfield: Well done on meshing the movement and song together. I can really appreciate animation that transitions with its music to tell a story, and I feel this one captures that, and flows exceptionally well. Every note and lyric of the audio ads new information in sync and rhythm, and that’s something I love to see! 

Belov: Your animated movement is fluid, satisfyingly timed, and very fun to watch; not to mention full of personality, like your character designs. There’s a clear narrative being assembled and skillfully conveyed here which I, as a storyteller, find immensely satisfying; moments flow into the next and just make sense.

Next, we have honorable mentions; animations that we still wanted to feature even after the winning slots were chosen. 

For honorable mention we have… 

Abenthy with Pink Elephants on Parade / Camp Here & There https://youtu.be/n3lU8HID-VA 

Mayfield: It amazes me you took the time to construct, rig, and render a whole 3d model of Elijah. That’s amazing. I know how hard 3d is and I’m blown away by the sheer effort this must’ve taken. I hope you keep modeling! It’s a very charming composition, and it’s very fun to see the Elephant mask in this texture.

Belov: As someone who failed my first 3D Animation class, I’m blown away by the knowledge, effort, and skill that must have gone into designing this model for the Elephant Man — and not only that, he looks really good! Charming, almost cute? Based on my experience and observation, designing stylized and appealing character models is a serious struggle in 3D animation. For that feat, I want to show you some appreciation.

Splemonocracy with PINK ELEPHANTS // Camp Here & There animation https://youtu.be/Y4G4vTK9N8k 

Mayfield: There’s some fantastic color choices here. The composition really helps elevate the separation between the characters, and how alone Sydney must feel. Emotionally, you’ve struck gold by showcasing Syndey’s perspective as isolated by his color. Also, very cute to include others’ camp characters. I think that gives a good holistic sense of the whole camp being affected (Elijah’s dance made me laugh, too.)

Belov: Every beat of this animation is distinctly compelling, with the eyecatching color choices, the unique character designs, and the plentitude of fun ideas; from vibrant surrealist imagery to the adorable and inspired inclusion of multiple campsonas. You also have a strong idea of the tone you want to set and you do so very effectively. I really appreciate that you chose a slower version of the song; the imagery drizzles in.

Pencil Line with Camp Here & There – Pink Elephants on Parade Animatic https://youtu.be/kPsd8tRrZPs 

Mayfield: You have a great sense of creativity. The visual storytelling was unique and fun. The paintings you implemented made it feel as if Elijah was scouring every corner, and it gave such an ominous off-putting feeling. That creative choice, in general, was unbelievably delightful. The Dalí painting as Jedidiah’s office was my favorite to see, as that’s a painting I’m very fond of, and fits his character well. Your work really “got” the surrealist aspects of this story and for that I loved it! I also have such a soft spot for this Sydney design… 

Belov: You have some excellent, creative shots here — the one of the Elephant Man in the beginning behind the boarded window immediately hooked me. I love your playing with grids and with the passage of time, and I love your reinterpretations of classic works of art. This whole animation is so fun and surreal, and I really want to encourage the spirit of experimentation I see here.

Thank you to everyone! Winners, please email your shipping and size information to mail@mayfieldandbelov.com, and we will reply with your tracking number once your prize has been sent off! Please note that it may take some time due to shipping constraints. 

We can’t wait to do this again!