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Dear Reader

Hello, hello!

There’s not a lot of easy confessions for me to make on my absent nature with this project, and continued absent-ness even after I intended to turn things around. I have done wrong by everyone who likes my work. I want to provide some context. 

After the separation in 2022, there were a lot of things that I did not manage to process. I continued to work on Camp Here & There’s season 2 script on my own, but the work felt hollow and my love for the project tainted with an abundance of hurt. I speak only kindly of Belov and any of his future endeavors. Though there was immense grief and heartbreak in our separation, on my part, that colored my personal relationship with the project at large. I still have dreams about this time of my life, even today, and that’s heavily affected me. 

I receded into myself and told myself to keep working, but it was challenging to keep myself mentally sound when writing. I’d start sobbing when trying to get through new passages and reliving my initial connection to Belov through this work, and it was all something of a distaste for both myself and my reaction to my own work, and how much I let down the people supporting what I made by not working as diligently or as productively as I had hoped I could. 

We were highschool sweethearts, and creating the show with him had previously been the most fun I’d ever had in my life, and that felt impossible to move on from. I know it’s overdone and dramatic to think all of this over a separation, and I agree. I’ve been very dramatic, and I need to quit it. 

I felt gross. I told no one in my life that this was happening. I hated how I had let people down. I hated how I was feeling about my own work, and I hated that I couldn’t get over any of it; that I was letting so much time slip away to begin with. I wanted to wake up and have it all be over and for me to be able to work again without feeling like this. I wanted to scrap everything and just start over with something new, but I also would rather die than do that. So I stayed frozen. 

I’m not here to wallow in self-pity, but I want to explain why I receded. 

When people asked me if I was working, I’d give cagey responses. Yes, I was. Was I making headway? No, not really, and that was hard to admit. I’d agonize over my own scripts and then agonize over my worth and merit as a writer. Who was I as an artist.. if I couldn’t make something that was good on its own? I’m a novelist at heart and first person script-writing—especially that with quips and humor and quirky quick-wit—has always been outside of my comfort zone. I’ve never found myself “funny” the way I felt Belov was. 

People said it was good, but it didn’t feel correct to me. And that haunted me. I let it haunt me, which was a PROFOUNDLY immature and insecure way to think of myself. Even now, I cringe talking about it. 

And if you had asked me if I felt this way, I would always say no, and I would have believed it. I like to think I have it all under control, and I think I repressed a lot of baggage that I’m only now coming to terms with. What I had written off to myself as “silly nighttime BPD episodes” must have been a very serious depression that I couldn’t accept that I was going through. I reasoned that I was “better” than that. 

But after my first cross-country move in 2022, I had some time to rest. I started to feel a little better about my relationship to CHNT. I was getting productive again. I felt like things could look up as we neared 2023. 

But then I was robbed of near everything I owned on my birthday, which is morbidly very funny in hindsight. Like, incredibly funny. It’s a comical amount of tragedy that still doesn’t feel real, considering the separation was beginning come my previous birthday. But after that, I spiraled. I talked to basically nobody, and while I was immensely grateful for the love and support I was getting (seriously, that Gofundme by Emerald made it so I could still pay rent, buy clothes and furniture, and basically still live with many of the necessities I lost. That wasn’t lost on me how much care and humanity I experienced), I could not bring myself to face people. 

Camp Here & There suddenly became this ticking time bomb to me where everything about it and its production was mired in tragedy, anxiety, and loss. I lost much of my nostalgic and cherished possessions to the point of emotional wreckage (the details even now are heartbreaking), including some loving hand-crafted memorabilia from fans (cassette tapes, clay statues, yarn-sewn dolls, hand-drawn posters, etc.), and suddenly I was back to square one in a way I could barely admit to even myself. My entire life was in that moving truck, and just like that it was all gone. With it, much of my good will. 

That took more healing than I like to admit. I poured myself into other work day in and day out to avoid everything I was feeling. I felt all of it, but I really liked to pretend that I didn’t. Fake it til you make it. y’know? That was my philosophy. I thought telling anyone I’d felt this way would be burdensome, and I closed off from even my closest friends. 

But I’ve done such a great disservice and wrong to the people who love my work. I’ve let down a great many of you, and let my anxieties color my vision in a way that was hurtful. 

I am truly sorry. These last few months, I attempted to really examine my relationship to the project and what I’ve let down. I believe I’ve finally truly come to terms with both the separation and the “losing everything” moment. 

What has never felt like mine has started to actually feel mine. I have started to develop something healthy and positive with my work, instead of giving myself imposter’s syndrome over every stinking word. I’ve obligated myself and have requested people in my life continue to push me, only to my benefit. 

My sorry isn’t enough to turn back time. You all have been so supportive and patient with me in a way I couldn’t have asked for, and it really pushes me to continue even if I didn’t have my own obligations to do so. 

I’ve had to do quite a bit of coming to terms, and I do not like posting something so personal and whiny. I could sit here and journal out every single sad sack thought from start to finish, but it feels disrespectful to self aggrandize in such a way to an audience of people who just want you to finish a goddamn script. 

And rightfully so. I so brazenly wrote CHNT off to myself as “just a stupid vent piece” but it’s more than that, and you my supporters have proven time after time that it’s more than that. I owe it to you all to have confidence and ownership in my work, lest I’m doing you a disservice for holding out for it or praising it. 

I’ve been moaning and complaining an awful lot, and even now I cringe at it.  

The TLDR is: 

I’ve been through the wringer enough that CHNT was feeling like a curse more than a blessing, and working on it made me feel awful. I wasn’t being a responsible creator, and I’ve hurt people this way. I’ve done some real confrontation of this fact, and my writing this out for you all is part of my confrontation with myself, and my formal apology. 

I want to continue. I don’t just want to make Camp Here & There, it wants to be made. It needs to be made. There are things in it that must be said even if I’m being a little cretin about it. 

I cannot promise a release date yet, because I don’t want to repeat my mistake. But I can promise more updates, a consistent delivery of some content to Patreon even if small. I can promise not to up and disappear like this again, and you can hold me to it. 

In a way, there is some positivity. With all this self confrontation and time between personal growth, I am a far better writer than I was before. 

My scripts do look better than they would and did. I am pleased with what I’ve written and I do think it reads better. I think the project will be of a higher quality now. 

In truth, this should be a dream come true for me. Like, a life-long childhood dream come true; the fact that so many people not only like my work, but create art, feel inspired, and eagerly want it to continue. I used to walk down my street (before I lost the ability to) and imagine AMVs of Elijah spying on Syndey to “An Unhealthy Obsession,” “Bernadette,” “Start Wearing Purple,” etc etc. And it was just a silly pipe dream to think of this reality where everything in my head was put into the world and cherished to such an extent. The thing is, I was texting Belov the whole time, or walking next to him, while we’d talk about our big dreams and creations. I have had to truly reclaim this for myself. It’s my project. It’s my story now. 

To this day, when I see other characters inspired by Sydney, I feel myself tear up. I’m going to slap myself into feeling this and only this: gratitude. 

Thank you all for being so kind. 

With Love,


Camp Here & There Season II Casting Call

I regret to announce that, as of this February, Nicholas has left the project. He voiced that he no longer wanted to work with it, nor with the company, and has left it to my jurisdiction.

Camp Here & There will certainly not end! It is ridiculously important to me that this story be told, and I am still writing it with as much of my skill and heart as ever. But, I’ve labored for some time over what to do for Jedidiah. I know his original voice is beloved by everyone, myself included, and that an outside voice actor for him raises production costs far beyond the original scope.

That being said, I will be including Jedidiah in this round of auditions (and removing Nicholas’s name from the branding over the next few weeks). I do not know just yet how this will be explained narratively, if at all, or how I will be working out the technicals. But I do want to give everyone a chance to try for his voice if they please.

So, without further ado…

The season two casting call of Camp Here & There is now live from May 15th – May 31st 2022.

See this document for more information!

Can’t wait to see everyone’s auditions! Best of luck!

With love,

Blue Mayfield

CH&T Season 2 Fundraiser

The cover for season 2 has just been revealed!

Unfortunately, while Patreon has floated us through season 1, we haven’t quite made enough for season 2.

We currently need $6,000 USD to produce season 2 with all the voice acting we plan for it. This is a BIG price, but with some dedication we believe we can get there!

On Saturday February 5th at 3pm PST / 6pm EST, the voices of Sydney (Blue Mayfield), Elijah (Ryan Henning), Yvonne (Emily Safko), Joshua (Ty Coker), and Rowan (Corey Wilder) will be answering questions and reading out quotes requested by donors through Paypal or Superchat.

Anyone who is a patron/joins the Patreon before or during the stream will also be able to request/ask things, as well as anyone who purchases something from our website and emails a proof of purchase to! We will count becoming a patron as adding to our goal!

(Be sure to include your request with your donation. Either include it in the message box or email us a screenshot with your message.)

Anything we raise beyond this will go right back into the show in the form of better editing, higher production quality, and potentially even more music or voice acting.

Thank you for all your help supporting independent and disenfranchised creators. So far, producing Camp Here & There has given me hope for having a real, independent career as a physically disabled individual, and hope for art at large.

Can’t wait to see you there! Spread the word if you please!

Here’s the link!

With love,

Blue Mayfield

Sign Up for Camp Lilac!

Hey all!

Camp Lilac is a summer camp in Ohio for transgender and gender nonconforming kids ages 12-17. Essentially, trans camp! In Ohio. 

For those 18 and up, we are also always looking for volunteer counselors. The camp is now re-opening its onsite location for Summer 2022. I will be attending the staff this year, and we hope to invite more people to this friendly space which welcomes self expression. 

Mayfield & Belov is not directly affiliated with Camp Lilac, but I wanted to take the moment to boost this thing which is important to me.




Blue Mayfield

CH&T Episode 30 “Our Muse” Credits

This is one of those things that made me particularly emotional, and that I couldn’t believe was real. When I opened a single recording of about four people, all cheering and clapping and having a great time together while enjoying my work, I admit that I got misty in the eyes. 

I’m a firm believer of collaborative art and the beauty in making things with other people. Really, Camp Here & There is the efforts of several people working together, and alone none of us could make it what it is. Asking our audience to each contribute something small, to all help build the show, felt like everyone was putting a hand together to create what we love. That… well, it’s moving. I have to be ham and cheese about it for a second. 

Everyone complains about being a modern day creator – for many valid reasons – but this instilled in me not only the much-needed confidence in my efforts to tell a good story, but a profound appreciation for the ways art reaches out and touches people. I’ve a deeper appreciation for how I, and everyone on this list, have contributed to what I admire so dearly: the mundane act of creating and inspiring. Being someone who feels so intimate about the things that inspire me, it means the world to me to be on the other end of this cycle. 

Sometimes, you can feel so removed from what you perceive as too good to be true. I think I’ve been in denial for a long time over the impact CH&T has had. But now, it’s not just my and my best friend’s work. It’s not just us fooling around at night, giggling about what it’d be like to call ourselves professional creators while we made funny voices and hand puppets. It’s something bigger. It’s over 100 people all chanting together to tell a story. 

And that’s kind of big. I think it overwhelms me, and I want to pretend it’s not a big deal so I don’t have to feel this way. But that’s a disservice. You all deserve my sincerity, gratitude, and a gooey paragraph of course. Thank you to everyone who helped to tell this story. 

Well, now that that’s out of the way, below is a list of all those people who’s voices were used in the crowd of episode 30. You all get the bonafide privilege of saying you were there, in universe, chanting with Elijah. Hope that helps you sleep at night.


Blue Mayfield 


A bowl of pasta, Ace, Aiden A, Alden A, Angelo, Ant Harbin, Anthony Raye, Aster Greenberg, Ava Bickner, Beastie, Ben, Ben F, Benjamin M, Blu Galaxy, Bree Anne Bartle-Clar, Bria ‘Ghostfucker’ Weisz, Bucket O’Brien, Cage G/CeceliAnonymous22, Cameronnig, Carpeted Kitchen, Cas Humber, Charlie Sharp, Chell Emil, Clover, Colin Castro, Dani, Dharma, Eileen E, Elise and Vilde, Emerald, Evie Buck, Felix di Angelo, Fennel, Frankie R, Fruit Freak, Generic Waffle, Ghost_Kay, Gil K, Goblin, Grayson, Gwen Jeronimo, Happy, Helvetica, Hezekiah, Irina, Ivy J, J Calkins, Jack Dimou, Jacket, Jacki, Jammy Bamf Bammy, Jared B, Jasmine Koper, Jasper, Jessica, Jon (like the sims), Juno, Kate Peabody, Kieran P (AKA Tibby Caps), King K, LEEgallyStupid, Lao, Leo990, Loki Ng, Longfootedfurby, Maegan, Maple, Mari Marçal, Marrow, Mars Dall, MetaMachine, Michael S, Milo and Eleni, Milsey, Minty, Moth Myrrhwood, Mr. Lesbian, Nadia G, Neopteryx, Non, Nyvirea, Nyxian, Ocho Ockzkowski, Orkim9, Pab, Peach Soda, Pencil Line, R the Writer, Rae Bibi, Rals, Rex N, Riona Duncan, Sam and Emma, Seer, Shoe, Shoe, Snaiil, Soup, Steve, Stormy, Themarshgirl, Therealjendavis, Tl, Toaster Poster, Travis, Trinidy Tiemeyer, Tucker Reeves,

11/21 Camp Here & There Animation Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered this contest. Picking just six videos to spotlight was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do as a creative team. Every single submission overwhelmed us with the knowledge that our art has reached other people and become something it never could have been without their participation. No matter what position you were chosen for, please know that you, personally and individually, have our immense gratitude and admiration.

In first place…

Tropia with Pink Elephants on Parade | Camp Here & There AMV Entry 

Mayfield: When I first watched this I couldn’t stop watching for a few days. It was amazing to me the way you combined all the concepts of the show to make something so visually creative, well colored, and with entertaining movement. Camp Here & There is all about surrealism and the way those surrealist visuals make you feel, and you captured that in spades.

Belov: You’ve got a lot of fantastic, unique ideas here, and you express them in really interesting and appealing ways. You employ these ambitious, dynamic shots and angles to great, compelling effect; and you manage to find a narrative in this assortment of relatively disparate images and sounds, creating this satisfying sense of build-and-release with the suspenseful beginning and the grandiose finish. Mayfield and I were both blown away by your skill with visual storytelling. Also, I really like your facial expressions. They’re understated yet expressive in a way that really resonates with me.

In second place… 

Peachypants with Pink Elephants on Parade|Camp Here & There Animation| 

Mayfield: Wow! I love the head-shifting in this piece! It reminds me of animations I used to watch as a kid on Sudomemo, so I have some real emotional nostalgia for your creative decisions. I especially love the beginning vibe you created with the dark room, it makes the jump at Elijah’s face all the more impactful.

Belov: The first time I watched this video, I was immediately struck by your use of color, which establishes and maintains a darkly nostalgic atmosphere that hooked me before I even really knew what I was seeing. The next thing I noticed was that the motions, especially the more abstract visuals, align with the music in a viscerally satisfying way, expressing the feel of the sound very effectively. And when I really focused on your work to figure out what was going on, I started to notice the expressions and motions of the characters, which are very expressive and believable in a way which invites empathy from the viewer, and which demonstrates skill and attention.

In third place… 

Tibby Caps with Camp Here & There Animation – Pink Elephants on Parade 

Mayfield: Well done on meshing the movement and song together. I can really appreciate animation that transitions with its music to tell a story, and I feel this one captures that, and flows exceptionally well. Every note and lyric of the audio ads new information in sync and rhythm, and that’s something I love to see! 

Belov: Your animated movement is fluid, satisfyingly timed, and very fun to watch; not to mention full of personality, like your character designs. There’s a clear narrative being assembled and skillfully conveyed here which I, as a storyteller, find immensely satisfying; moments flow into the next and just make sense.

Next, we have honorable mentions; animations that we still wanted to feature even after the winning slots were chosen. 

For honorable mention we have… 

Abenthy with Pink Elephants on Parade / Camp Here & There 

Mayfield: It amazes me you took the time to construct, rig, and render a whole 3d model of Elijah. That’s amazing. I know how hard 3d is and I’m blown away by the sheer effort this must’ve taken. I hope you keep modeling! It’s a very charming composition, and it’s very fun to see the Elephant mask in this texture.

Belov: As someone who failed my first 3D Animation class, I’m blown away by the knowledge, effort, and skill that must have gone into designing this model for the Elephant Man — and not only that, he looks really good! Charming, almost cute? Based on my experience and observation, designing stylized and appealing character models is a serious struggle in 3D animation. For that feat, I want to show you some appreciation.

Splemonocracy with PINK ELEPHANTS // Camp Here & There animation 

Mayfield: There’s some fantastic color choices here. The composition really helps elevate the separation between the characters, and how alone Sydney must feel. Emotionally, you’ve struck gold by showcasing Syndey’s perspective as isolated by his color. Also, very cute to include others’ camp characters. I think that gives a good holistic sense of the whole camp being affected (Elijah’s dance made me laugh, too.)

Belov: Every beat of this animation is distinctly compelling, with the eyecatching color choices, the unique character designs, and the plentitude of fun ideas; from vibrant surrealist imagery to the adorable and inspired inclusion of multiple campsonas. You also have a strong idea of the tone you want to set and you do so very effectively. I really appreciate that you chose a slower version of the song; the imagery drizzles in.

Pencil Line with Camp Here & There – Pink Elephants on Parade Animatic 

Mayfield: You have a great sense of creativity. The visual storytelling was unique and fun. The paintings you implemented made it feel as if Elijah was scouring every corner, and it gave such an ominous off-putting feeling. That creative choice, in general, was unbelievably delightful. The Dalí painting as Jedidiah’s office was my favorite to see, as that’s a painting I’m very fond of, and fits his character well. Your work really “got” the surrealist aspects of this story and for that I loved it! I also have such a soft spot for this Sydney design… 

Belov: You have some excellent, creative shots here — the one of the Elephant Man in the beginning behind the boarded window immediately hooked me. I love your playing with grids and with the passage of time, and I love your reinterpretations of classic works of art. This whole animation is so fun and surreal, and I really want to encourage the spirit of experimentation I see here.

Thank you to everyone! Winners, please email your shipping and size information to, and we will reply with your tracking number once your prize has been sent off! Please note that it may take some time due to shipping constraints. 

We can’t wait to do this again!

Camp Here & There Animation Contest

EDIT: Deadline has been extended to 11/15!

Hey, all!

It’s been a long process learning the ropes of production, management, and being a professional creative. Since we’re two college kids, we’ve run into plenty of obstacles when it comes to properly executing a production. But, it’s been very rewarding. The amount of dedication, creativity, and engagement we’ve seen from people who enjoy our work has made the effort worth it, and we’re so excited to see what people come up with going forward.

With that, we’re excited to announce that we’re hosting an animation contest for CH&T!

You must be 16 or older to participate. To enter, make your own animation of any of the Camp Here & There characters to the song Pink Elephants on Parade. Any version, cover, or remix of the song is permitted–and any format of animation is welcome!

Post the video on YouTube and include a variation of “Camp Here & There” in the title.

Lastly, send the link to our email at! Be sure to include “submission” in the subject line.

The contest and submission window ends on 10/20/21. Here is what the winners will receive:

1st place: a hoodie, t-shirt, hat, and phone case from the M&B shop.

2nd place: a hoodie, phone case, and hat from the M&B shop.

3rd place: a hoodie and phone case from the M&B shop.

Plus! All winners will receive a hand designed, hand printed cassette tape with the first two episodes of Camp Here & There recorded on them! These are beautiful, limited prints, and we’d like to thank @milseymusic on Instagram for creating and donating them for us to give away!

We’d like to thank you all for supporting and enjoying CH&T thus far, and allowing us the opportunity to share and spread our art. Both of us are animators ourselves, so the prospect of this contest is exciting! We hope you all have fun!

Much love,

Mayfield and Belov

Web Launch

Welcome! As of today (May 6th), there is now an official website representing us. It is still a bit of a work in progress – and will have the design improved in the near future – but from here on out you may check this page for all future public updates, or you can sign up for our newsletter with your email to get said updates sent directly into your inbox (with a few goodies included). Thank you all for your patience as we work to establish a well organized online presence.

The release of Camp Here & There, our first major project, looms ever closer as we gear up to enter the final stages of production. We’re excited to report on the rapid developments, and even more stupid excited to finally share what we’ve been making.

So, what’s in store for now?

For starters, we have enlisted the talents of Will Wood – composer of Everything is a Lot, Self-Ish, and The Normal Album – to compose the original soundtrack for our upcoming release. There are over fifty exclusive tracks that we will be using, some with lyrics relating to the characters of Camp Here & There, and several with fun and experimental instruments. The lyrical versions of a few of these tracks will be released to the public in increments, with the first official release joining Will Wood’s streaming platforms on May 8th, 2021. Though, if you’re especially enthusiastic, consider supporting Will Wood for access to exclusive demos of the OST – not to mention all the other talented, psycho-spiritually challenging stuff he puts out.

Or you can tune in to Camp Here & There on June 10th for the full immersive experience! Camp Here & There (CHNT) is a horror-comedy audio drama detailing the life of a seemingly normal sleepaway camp in a seemingly abnormal world. See here to learn more about what’s in store.

Lastly, if all of this piques your interest, and you’re inclined to support the project, consider signing up for our Patreon to get exclusive sneak peaks, recordings, behind the scenes development, and early access to the official release. Or, help us spread the word and tell a friend! All of it is incredibly appreciated.

That’s all for now. More coming soon.

With love,
Blue Mayfield