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Camp Here & There Animation Contest

Hey, all!

It’s been a long process learning the ropes of production, management, and being a professional creative. Since we’re two college kids, we’ve run into plenty of obstacles when it comes to properly executing a production. But, it’s been very rewarding. The amount of dedication, creativity, and engagement we’ve seen from people who enjoy our work has made the effort worth it, and we’re so excited to see what people come up with going forward.

With that, we’re excited to announce that we’re hosting an animation contest for CH&T!

You must be 16 or older to participate. To enter, make your own animation of any of the Camp Here & There characters to the song Pink Elephants on Parade. Any version, cover, or remix of the song is permitted–and any format of animation is welcome!

Post the video on YouTube and include a variation of “Camp Here & There” in the title.

Lastly, send the link to our email at! Be sure to include “submission” in the subject line.

The contest and submission window ends on 10/20/21. Here is what the winners will receive:

1st place: a hoodie, t-shirt, hat, and phone case from the M&B shop.

2nd place: a hoodie, phone case, and hat from the M&B shop.

3rd place: a hoodie and phone case from the M&B shop.

Plus! All winners will receive a hand designed, hand printed cassette tape with the first two episodes of Camp Here & There recorded on them! These are beautiful, limited prints, and we’d like to thank @milseymusic on Instagram for creating and donating them for us to give away!

We’d like to thank you all for supporting and enjoying CH&T thus far, and allowing us the opportunity to share and spread our art. Both of us are animators ourselves, so the prospect of this contest is exciting! We hope you all have fun!

Much love,

Mayfield and Belov

Web Launch

Welcome! As of today (May 6th), there is now an official website representing us. It is still a bit of a work in progress – and will have the design improved in the near future – but from here on out you may check this page for all future public updates, or you can sign up for our newsletter with your email to get said updates sent directly into your inbox (with a few goodies included). Thank you all for your patience as we work to establish a well organized online presence.

The release of Camp Here & There, our first major project, looms ever closer as we gear up to enter the final stages of production. We’re excited to report on the rapid developments, and even more stupid excited to finally share what we’ve been making.

So, what’s in store for now?

For starters, we have enlisted the talents of Will Wood – composer of Everything is a Lot, Self-Ish, and The Normal Album – to compose the original soundtrack for our upcoming release. There are over fifty exclusive tracks that we will be using, some with lyrics relating to the characters of Camp Here & There, and several with fun and experimental instruments. The lyrical versions of a few of these tracks will be released to the public in increments, with the first official release joining Will Wood’s streaming platforms on May 8th, 2021. Though, if you’re especially enthusiastic, consider supporting Will Wood for access to exclusive demos of the OST – not to mention all the other talented, psycho-spiritually challenging stuff he puts out.

Or you can tune in to Camp Here & There on June 10th for the full immersive experience! Camp Here & There (CHNT) is a horror-comedy audio drama detailing the life of a seemingly normal sleepaway camp in a seemingly abnormal world. See here to learn more about what’s in store.

Lastly, if all of this piques your interest, and you’re inclined to support the project, consider signing up for our Patreon to get exclusive sneak peaks, recordings, behind the scenes development, and early access to the official release. Or, help us spread the word and tell a friend! All of it is incredibly appreciated.

That’s all for now. More coming soon.

With love,
Blue Mayfield