CH&T Season 2 Fundraiser

The cover for season 2 has just been revealed!

Unfortunately, while Patreon has floated us through season 1, we haven’t quite made enough for season 2.

We currently need $6,000 USD to produce season 2 with all the voice acting we plan for it. This is a BIG price, but with some dedication we believe we can get there!

On Saturday February 5th at 3pm PST / 6pm EST, the voices of Sydney (Blue Mayfield), Elijah (Ryan Henning), Yvonne (Emily Safko), Joshua (Ty Coker), and Rowan (Corey Wilder) will be answering questions and reading out quotes requested by donors through Paypal or Superchat.

Anyone who is a patron/joins the Patreon before or during the stream will also be able to request/ask things, as well as anyone who purchases something from our website and emails a proof of purchase to! We will count becoming a patron as adding to our goal!

(Be sure to include your request with your donation. Either include it in the message box or email us a screenshot with your message.)

Anything we raise beyond this will go right back into the show in the form of better editing, higher production quality, and potentially even more music or voice acting.

Thank you for all your help supporting independent and disenfranchised creators. So far, producing Camp Here & There has given me hope for having a real, independent career as a physically disabled individual, and hope for art at large.

Can’t wait to see you there! Spread the word if you please!

Here’s the link!

With love,

Blue Mayfield