Mayfield & Belov is an entertainment production partnership founded by Blue Mayfield and Nicholas Belov. We aim to create original and challenging works of fiction for ages sixteen and up, and to make them easily accessible to anyone through the internet.

The two of us met at a young age, and have always shared enthusiasm for storytelling and its craft. After we started exploring fully collaborative creative endeavors, we realized our writing was improved by the combination of our unique skills. We formed Mayfield & Belov in order to fully realize our passion for our collaborative storytelling.

We sincerely hope you enjoy consuming our work as much as we enjoy making it.

Who We Are

Blue Mayfield

Blue Mayfield was born in the American Midwest in January of 2001. He was drawn to storytelling as a means to explore the dynamics between personalities; inspired in his adolescence by horror and animal books. Today, he studies writing in San Francisco, and handles most of the logistical work that comes with operating an independent company. When it comes to the stories he creates with Nicholas Belov, Mayfield is primarily the preproduction man — his work is concerned with concept, character, theme, and plot dynamics.

Nicholas Belov

Nicholas Belov was born in the American Southwest in May of 2001. Belov’s interest in storytelling comes from a desire to explore, express, and promote appreciation for the works and ways of humans; inspired in his adolescence by surrealist-humor pieces. Today, he studies animation in San Francisco, and drafts most of the front-facing written material for Mayfield & Belov. When it comes to the stories he creates with Blue Mayfield, Belov is primarily about execution — his work is concerned with phrasing, rhythm, structure, and presentation.