Camp Here & There Season II Casting Call

I regret to announce that, as of this February, Nicholas has left the project. He voiced that he no longer wanted to work with it, nor with the company, and has left it to my jurisdiction.

Camp Here & There will certainly not end! It is ridiculously important to me that this story be told, and I am still writing it with as much of my skill and heart as ever. But, I’ve labored for some time over what to do for Jedidiah. I know his original voice is beloved by everyone, myself included, and that an outside voice actor for him raises production costs far beyond the original scope.

That being said, I will be including Jedidiah in this round of auditions (and removing Nicholas’s name from the branding over the next few weeks). I do not know just yet how this will be explained narratively, if at all, or how I will be working out the technicals. But I do want to give everyone a chance to try for his voice if they please.

So, without further ado…

The season two casting call of Camp Here & There is now live from May 15th – May 31st 2022.

See this document for more information!

Can’t wait to see everyone’s auditions! Best of luck!

With love,

Blue Mayfield